Workplace training and support

At Women's Health Victoria, we are dedicated to transformative change necessary to build a more gender-equal society. Central to our mission is the unwavering commitment to increasing individual and workforce capabilities. We firmly believe that empowering individuals and organisations with the knowledge and tools needed to advance gender equality is essential for lasting progress.


At Women's Health Victoria, we offer comprehensive in person and online training workshops, which encompass the prevention of violence against women and the promotion of gender equality. Beyond public training sessions, we offer training for workplaces, which can be found below.

We understand that the needs of different organisations or staff can vary, therefore our team can work with you to customise training. By doing so, we ensure that our training not only raises awareness and educates, but also equips individuals and workplaces with the tools to implement real, meaningful change in their specific context.

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Storytelling for change 

Monitoring and evaluation

Gender transformative practice 

Workplace equality and respect

Gender equality in the workplace 

Change the story

Licensing agreement

Women's Health Victoria offers licenses out for our online courses on gender equality and the prevention of violence against women. These licensing agreements allow organisations to access our online training modules, through their own learning management system. This is suitable for organisations who would like to train a large number of staff over a longer period of time. If this is something that sounds suitable for your staff, you can enquire via email.


Our consultancy services help organisations move towards a more gender-equitable future. We collaborate with a diverse range of organisations, assisting them in the development of gender-equitable policies and programs. Our expertise extends to promoting more gender-equitable workplace practices, helping organisations not only adopt inclusive policies but also implement them effectively. As part of our consultancy services, we provide workplace audits, which serve as a tool for organisations seeking to understand how they are performing in terms of systems, structures, policies, and practices that promote gender equality within the workplace. These audits are valuable in identifying areas for improvement and in creating a roadmap for transformation towards a workplace culture that truly prioritises gender equality.