Change the Story

Putting the prevention of violence against women into practice: How to change the story

This Course has been developed by Our Watch and is based on Change the story, Australia’s national framework to prevent violence against women and their children. Our Watch is a national leader in the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia. In this Course you will learn about the framework and the role you can play in preventing violence against women and how you can be part of changing the story for current and future generations.

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Change the story is our national framework for a consistent and integrated approach to preventing violence against women and their children in Australia. What the framework makes clear is that gender inequality is the core of the problem, so gender equality must be the heart of the solution. It shows that there are roles for all of us to play in preventing violence against women – governments, communities, organisations and individuals.” Our Watch. For more information on Change the story visit the Our Watch website.

On completion of this Course you will have an understanding of:

  • The prevalence and impacts of violence against women
  • The link between gender inequality and violence against women
  • What primary prevention of violence against women is
  • The evidence on what drives violence against women
  • The actions required to prevent violence against women and the role that everyone can play in prevention
  • Applying an intersectional approach to primary prevention work
  • Good-practice examples of primary prevention activities
  • Our Watch’s role in leading the primary prevention of violence against women across Australia. 

Please note: this training is not about how staff can respond to women, men or gender diverse people who experience violence or those who perpetrate violence. Women’s Health Victoria recommends that workplaces also provide staff with training on how to respond to colleagues who are experiencing gendered violence and sexual harassment such as Women’s Health Victoria’s Bystander Action in the Workplace or Understanding and Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Microcredentials.

Course aims

To build workforce capability of the need to change the story as it relates to violence against women in the workplace and community, and an understanding of the role everyone can play.

Change the story presents a shared understanding of the evidence and principles of effective prevention, and provides a guide to assist workplaces to start the process towards developing their own appropriate policies, strategies and programs to prevent violence against women.

Course structure

This Course is delivered to a specific workplace and and is not a public delivery option, it can be delivered at Women’s Health Victoria’s training rooms or onsite by arrangement, subject to COVID-19 workplace restrictions.

The Course is delivered via workshop in two discreet sections:

  1. Building an understanding of violence against women.
  2. Taking action to prevent violence against women.

Time and assessment

This Course is delivered face to face as a full day (6 hour) interactive workshop.

The Course does not include an assessment but does require interactive engagement by participants in workshop activities.

Practice self-care: Violence against women is incredibly common. It is likely that every single person completing this Course has at some time been impacted in some way by violence against women, whether they know someone, are someone, or love someone who is a survivor. Talking about these issues can sometimes bring up intense feelings. During the workshop there will be breaks, but we encourage participants to consider up front who in their life or their workplace they might talk to if the content of the workshop disturbs or upsets them. 

On completion of this Course a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

Why do this course

Preventing violence against women is complex and can challenge our personal values, beliefs and experiences, however we all have a role to play and ability to influence – at an individual, organisational and community level, by doing this Course workplaces are making a clear commitment that they do not support violence against women within their workplace or in the community.

About the Course developer: Our Watch was established in 2013 to drive nationwide change in the culture, behaviours and power imbalances that lead to violence against women and their children. You can find out more information on the Our Watch website.

Target audience

Everyone will benefit from understanding Australia’s national framework to prevent violence against women and their children. It is especially beneficial as an introductory session for workplaces seeking to implement the Workplace Equality and Respect Standards. Women’s Health Victoria can provide additional training and support to organisations doing this work.

Prerequisite knowledge

The training does not assume any prior knowledge.

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