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  • VU22773 Establish support for gender equity work: Teaching Resources

VU22773 Establish support for gender equity work: Teaching Resources


These unit resources are available for Registered Training Organisation (RTO) use.

The resources in this package include all teaching resources required to deliver and assess the unit as a standalone unit.

This package is made available for purchase under an unlimited use license valid until 31 July 2024. To purchase this package, you will be required to accept the terms of this license.

The Course in Gender Equity is Australia’s first accredited gender equity training program. The Course will equip individuals with the knowledge, skills and solutions to engage in gender equity work and identify and address gender equality issues in the workplace.

Gender inequality is a recognised social issue in Australia, as evidenced by the plethora of national, state and local strategies, plans and legal instruments developed to address it at its core.

The Course in Gender Equity has been accredited under Part 4.4 and 4.6 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 with the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority (VRQA), accreditation period 1 Aug 2019 to 31 July 2024.

The Course was developed with the support of the Victorian Government.

The Victorian TAFE network and Community Based Adult Education Provider’s that hold a Victorian Government Contract can access these resources direct from the Victorian Department of Education & Training, email training@whv.org.au to find out more.

Unit overview

This unit from the Course in Gender Equity supports the attainment of skills and knowledge required to negotiate and secure the support from stakeholders required to start, continue or enhance gender equity work.

It includes engaging stakeholders, identifying areas for developing their ability to support gender equity work and planning opportunities for stakeholders to support gender equity work.

This unit applies to those working in roles that work with internal or external stakeholders to contribute to or support gender equity initiatives in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of gender equity work.

This unit applies to practitioners and professionals with varying degrees of responsibility working in roles that require an understanding of gender equity. This unit enhances the ability to establish stakeholder support for gender equity work within known work environments and work practices.

Unit nominal hours are 54 hours.

Prerequisite requirements

VU22770 Develop a gender lens to support gender equity work

Product details

This package includes all teaching materials required to deliver and assess the unit as a standalone unit, including.

Curriculum Document Sections A and B

Implementation Guide and Curriculum Document Section C – Unit of Competency

Sample Training & Assessment Strategy (full course)

RPL Tool (full course)

Assessment Guides

  • VU22773 Assessment Mapping
  • VU22773 Assessment sign off sheet
  • VU22773 AT1 Assessor Guide
  • VU22773 AT2 Assessor Guide
  • VU22773 AT3 Assessor Guide
  • VU22773 AT4 Assessor Guide

Session 1

  • VU22773 Session 1 plan
  • VU22773 Session 1 slides
  • VU22773 Activity 1.3 Reflect on own readiness worksheet

Session 2

  • VU22773 Session 2 plan
  • VU22773 Session 2 slides
  • VU22773 Activity 2.2 Case study worksheet
  • VU22773 Activity 2.3a Case study worksheet
  • VU22773 Activity 2.3b Case study worksheet

Session 3

  • VU22773 Session 3 plan
  • VU22773 Session 3 slides
  • VU22773 Activity 3.2c Case study worksheet
  • VU22773 Activity 3.3a Case study worksheet
  • VU22773 Activity 3.3b Case study worksheet

Session 4

  • VU22773 Session 4 plan
  • VU22773 Session 4 slides
  • VU22773 Activity 3.4b Respond to disclosures worksheet
  • VU22773 Activity 3.5 Case study worksheet

Session 5

  • VU22773 Session 5 plan
  • VU22773 Session 5 slides

Session 6

  • VU22773 Session 6 plan
  • VU22773 Session 6 slides
  • VU22773 Activity 5.2a Assess own capability worksheet
  • VU22773 Activity 5.2b Case study worksheet
  • VU22773 Activity 5.3 Develop capability worksheet

Session 7

  • VU22773 Session 7 plan
  • VU22773 Session 7 slides

Gender Equity Style Guideline Licensee Instructions

Additional resources to support delivery

A Virtual Workplace is available as a SCORM package to enhance delivery of the Course in Gender Equity and is used to support workplace application of concepts and practices.

Learning Resources are available for this unit including Learner Guide, Mapping Document and Glossary of Terms.

WHV recommends that Teaching gender equity: a toolkit for teaching gender equity units of competency is read by trainers delivering this unit.


2022 Course update, to reflect new changes to the evidence base and actions required to update resources to support this new evidence.

Download details

Following payment, a link will be made available and emailed to the purchaser with details on how to download the teaching resources.

The teaching resources will be provided as a zipped file with a suite of Microsoft Word documents, PDFs and PowerPoints, all teaching resources are fully editable.

Further information

For further information on this Unit of Competency or the Course in Gender Equity please email training@whv.org.au.