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  • Introduction to the Prevention of Gender Based Violence

Introduction to the Prevention of Gender Based Violence

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Introduction to the Prevention of Gender Based Violence

This short online Course provides an introduction to the prevention of gender based violence (PGBV)

This introductory Course will help you develop foundational knowledge to support further studies or work in gender equity and the prevention of violence against women.

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Masterclass Series – PVAW Communication: Storytelling for change

This Masterclass aims to build your confidence and skills in crafting and sharing stories that communicate the drivers of violence against women.

This Masterclass will take you through story crafting techniques and principles, and the key considerations required when tailoring prevention of violence against women (PVAW) stories to various audiences to enable ethical storytelling.

You will engage with other experienced practitioners to workshop key messages and craft stories through individual and group activities.

On completion of this Masterclass you will:

  • have an understanding of the key elements of a primary prevention story
  • know the ethical considerations of developing and sharing stories
  • be able to tailor a story for different audiences and settings
  • have the ability to develop key messages around the drivers of violence
  • have increased knowledge in story crafting techniques and story shapes.

Course aims

To bring together mid, senior and expert level practitioners in a supported online space to work through practical activities that will build their skills and confidence to utilize storytelling to communicate the drivers and essential actions, as part of primary prevention of violence against women and family violence initiatives.

Course structure

This Masterclass includes two 3-hour interactive online webinars and a number of self-paced activities to complete prior to attending the first webinar.

Time and assessment

This Masterclass will take approximately 7 hours to complete, including self-directed activities and 2 – 3 hour interactive webinars. The masterclass does not include an assessment but does required interactive engagement by participants in webinar activities.

You are required to bring a practical example or story which contains one or more of the drivers of violence against women to the interactive webinar. It can be something that you witnessed or something you have invented. Coming prepared with an example is necessary as it will be used in story crafting activities.  Please note that examples do not need to be in a story format.

On completion of this Masterclass a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

Why do this course


Target audience

This Masterclass is for practitioners with strong  PVAW knowledge as described in the foundational knowledge capabilities in the PFV&VAW Capability Framework. Practitioners will be supported to build their skills and knowledge across a range of capabilities including:

  • Ability 2E: Able to implement universal and tailored initiatives which ensure that PVAW activity is relevant to and reaches diverse groups and communities.
  • Ability 4G: Effective communication and information sharing.

Mid, senior and expert level primary prevention and gender equality practitioners, including women’s health services, community organisations, community health services, local and state government, and sports, media and education settings. This includes:

  • practitioners who have been undertaking primary prevention work for a number of years who want to use storytelling to enhance their practice.
  • Practitioners with sound PVAW knowledge who want to explore storytelling for PVAW initiatives or evaluation.

Each online delivery is  capped at 20 participants.

Prerequisite knowledge

This Masterclass is designed for practitioners working in the PVAW sector. Participants are required to have a strong understanding of violence against women, primary prevention, Change the Story, and the causes/drivers of violence against women as this content will not be covered in the workshop.


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