Gender Equity Bundle


This bundle includes the following short courses:

  1. Apply a Gender Lens
  2. Self-care for gender equity work
  3. Communicating gender equity
  4. Building stakeholder support for gender equity work
  5. Evaluating gender equity work
  6. Gender and disability

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Each short course within this bundle has been developed to build the skills and knowledge required to engage in gender equity work.

On completion of the full bundle of short courses you will be able to:

  • understand why gender matters in the workplace, what a gender lens is, and how to apply it to your work
  • understand the importance of self-care for gender equity work, and ensure your own self-care and the self-care of others when engaging in gender equity work
  • understand gender equity communication approaches and how gender equity communication can contribute to workplace gender equality, including how to respond to resistance.
  • identify and engage stakeholders to support your gender equity work
  • describe what evaluation looks like for gender equity work and the approaches required.
  • identify the key concepts underpinning gender and disability equitable practice, the impact of inequality and opportunities for more equitable gender and disability practice.


Each short course has three modules followed by a final assessment, the short courses cover:

1. Apply a gender lens:

  • Module 1: Understanding gender equity
  • Module 2: Why gender matters in the workplace
  • Module 3: Applying a gender lens to your work

2. Self-care for gender equity work

  • Module 1: Understanding self-care
  • Module 2: Practicing self-care
  • Module 3: The self-care needs of others

3. Communicating gender equity

  • Module 1: Understanding gender equity communication
  • Module 2: Communicating for change
  • Module 3: Resistance to gender equity

4. Building stakeholder support for gender equity work

  • Module 1: Gender equality is everyone’s business
  • Module 2: Identifying stakeholders
  • Module 3: Securing buy-in for your gender equity work

5. Evaluating gender equity work

  • Module 1: Evaluation for gender equity work
  • Module 2: A participatory action research approach
  • Module 3: Capturing gender equity change

6. Gender and disability

  • Module 1: Gender and disability equitable practice
  • Module 2: Gender and disability inequality
  • Module 3: Opportunities for equitable practice

Time and assessment

Each short course within the bundle will take approximately two hours to complete.

Within each short course there are a number of practice activities at the end of each course module to help you check your knowledge.

You will be assessed at the end of each individual course within the bundle, you have an unlimited number of attempts on each final assessment, but you must score 80% in the final assessment to complete each course.

On completion of each short course a digital badge will be issued. A digital badge is an authenticated, online representation of the knowledge acquired and can be shared via a range of online platforms.

Why do this bundle?

The 2015 Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence looked at the causes and issues of family violence. It revealed that family violence is a gendered crime, as 75% of victims are women. Gender inequality is at the core of violence against women and is a serious social issue in Australia. A number of new gender equity strategies and policies have been developed to address this issue.

Workplace gender equity is crucial for today’s workplace. Gender equality boosts productivity, innovation and performance in all industries. It improves workplace conditions and supports all employees to fully participate in the workforce and achieve their career aspirations.

Completing the short courses within the Gender Equity Bundle is the first step towards making this a reality.

Why do a Microcredential?

The Gender Equity Microcredentials are online short courses that have been developed by industry for industry, ensuring their relevance to the professional development needs of the emerging workforce contributing to gender equality in the workplace. The Microcredentials are suitable for any person whose work role requires them to have an understanding and awareness of gender equity in the workplace.


Gender and Disability short course has been developed in conjunction with Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV).