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Gender Equality in Advertising and Advertising Workplaces Bundle


This bundle includes the following two short courses:

  1. Gender Equality in Advertising (45 mins)
  2. Gender Equality in Advertising Workplaces (45 mins)

Purchase the bundle and receive a $20 discount off the recommended retail price! Discounts also apply for students, concession card holders and staff working in the following organisations, please email us to find out more:

  • Victorian Women’s Health Services
  • Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations

This training is part of shEqual, an initiative led by Women’s Health Victoria and funded by the Victorian Government. shEqual is the first coordinated effort in Australia to promote gender equality and address the drivers of violence against women in advertising through engaging agencies, brands, regulators, governments and the community. Visit the shEqual website (https://shequal.com.au/) for more information and how you get involved and impact change.

On completion of the full bundle of short courses you will have:

  • Increased understanding of sexism and how it occurs in advertising
  • Increased understanding of the impacts of sexist advertising and how this contributes to gender inequality
  • Increased understanding of how to take action to reduce sexist advertising
  • An introduction to tools and resources to apply to content creation
  • Increased understanding of gender inequality within the Australian workforce, the advertising industry and the case for gender equality
  • An increased understanding of the barriers to workplace gender equality, including unconscious bias, the merit myth and common problems encountered
  • An introduction to the tools and strategies to achieve gender equality in the workplace.

Time and assessment

There are two short courses in this bundle and each will take 30-45 minutes to compete (total time is approximately 1.5 hours)

These courses do not include an assessment but do require interactive engagement by participants through the training.

Why do this course

Gender equality boosts productivity, innovation and performance in all industries. It improves workplace conditions and supports all employees to fully participate in the workforce and achieve their career aspirations.

If you are interested in hosting an interactive workshop version of these training courses within your organisation, please email training@whv.org.au