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Gender Equality in Advertising

This Course will build the capability of individuals working in advertising to understand the impact of gender inequality in advertising, the benefits of authentically portraying women, men and gender diverse people in advertising and how this can be realised.

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This Course is part of shEqual, an initiative led by Women’s Health Victoria and funded by the Victorian Government.

shEqual is the first coordinated effort in Australia to promote gender equality and address the drivers of violence against women in advertising through engaging agencies, brands, regulators, governments and the community. Visit the shEqual website.

On completion of this Course you will have:

  • increased understanding of gender inequality and how this is reinforced by advertising
  • increased understanding of the impacts of gendered advertising on consumers
  • greater understanding and confidence to communicate and apply gender equitable approaches to advertising in order to transform gender portrayals

Course aims

This Course will provide participants with an understanding of:

  • gender inequality in society and how this is linked to violence against women
  • the different types of portrayals we see in advertising that reinforce gender inequality and their impacts
  • research on how consumers perceive advertising that reinforces gender inequality
  • the social and economic benefits of creating advertising that supports gender equality
  • how everyone in advertising can take action to create advertising that support gender equality

Course structure

This Course includes two 3-hour online interactive workshops.

Participants can also choose to complete additional activities and read supporting resources.

Time and assessment

This Course will take approximately 6 1/2  hours to complete.

The Course does not include an assessment but does require interactive engagement by participants in webinar activities.

On completion of this Course a Certificate of Completion will be issued. You will also have access to a shEqual assets pack on completion of the course.

Why do this course

Each day the advertising produced and consumes shapes individual beliefs and attitudes and influences who and what society as a whole values.

Advertising is a powerful tool for shaping the stories shared within society. But the stories being told in advertising don’t always reflect the realities of life.  

Too often in advertising women are stereotyped, sexualised, defined in relation to men or invisible. These portrayals contribute to gender inequality and violence against women.

But advertising has the power to change these stories, and by doing so, create a world that supports gender equality and ends violence against women.

Advertising Equality can be realised through education and changed practices.

Target audience

This Course is designed for advertising executives, creatives, strategists, account managers, brand managers, casting directors, copywriters, media buyers and planners, and anyone whose role includes commissioning, developing or approving advertising content.

Prerequisite knowledge

The training does not assume any prior knowledge.

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